Transcription Challenge! No prizes, but £5 for Comic Relief…

I will donate £5.00 to Comic Relief if one person can help me fill in the FIVE words missing from the following transcription. (Only serious suggestions please otherwise Comic Relief won't get a donation!) Here's what to do:

Step 1.

View the original document at this link Alibi of Stephen & Charles West 1671 for the attempted murder of Duke of Ormonde

Step 2.

Use the zoom button to enlarge the document.

Step 3.

Fill in the FIVE missing words shown as [ _____ ] in the following transcription and Tweet the answers to me:

Mr Greene

Let us entreat you to doe us the kindness to send us a certificate under your hand and as many others hands to the certificate as you can to certifie what coloured horse, with the marks of the horse and the very day of the month when we bought your horse to the Gatehouse Prison in Westminster where wee are clapt upp in prison upon suspicion concerning the proclamacon of my Lord of Ormond.

Wee know wee owe you some moneys for the horse which wee will pay you, if you come or send for it, or els wee will send it to you, you may remember you had the hide of the bullocke that was killed the 6th Day of December last, which was the day that the Duke of Ormond was Surprised.

Good Sir gett John Sheriffe hand and all or as many of the officers hands to the certificate as you can, this John Sheriffe did help dresse the bullocke that day with us, and did help fetch a ragg for us that day and by the same token there was a fayre that day within five miles of Stapleton

Good Mr Greene gett us a certificate to certifie those things with such hands to it before mencioned as doe know the business for it Concerns our lives and therefore for Gods sake do not fayle us this time. We came unto Stapleton the 10th of November and stayd there untill the 12th of December last, and drove our trade at Butchers there, which wee pray you certifie alsoe to the Kings majestie and his Councell wee have been prisoners in Southampton and have at Westm Gatehouse three weeks already – and god knows how longe wee may continue prisoners here at Westminster unlesse Wee have your and our friends certificate as before deposed to certifie the surety for us.

The Mayor of Southampton tooke away our moneys, and our horses which lest wee were prisoners there, and will hope all untill those hands come to releave us but then the Mayor hath promised wee shall have all agayne wee were tooke at Southampton first and from thence sent hither to prison and are now kept close prisoners this with both our Services to you presented we take leave and remayne

YR humble servants
Stephen West and
Charles West Butchers

5th January 1670 [1670/1671]


Many thanks to Val Bott for completing the challenge!
The answers to the challenge are shown in red. I have donated £5.00 to Comic Relief as well as my usual donation.