Terms and conditions of use

By purchasing a product or service from UKFamilyrecords you are agreeing to the following Terms & Conditions.

1. Refunds

Under the Contract of Sale, you are entitled to a Refund if:

You purchase a Family Tree, a Family History or a Complete Family Tree Package and no results can be found because:

i. Not enough information has been supplied;

ii. Due to the nature of the family or families, research has halted permanently*;

In this circumstance a refund will be supplied minus all research expenses, travel expenses or any other expenses incurred during research for the sole benefit of research from the payment made by the customer at the onset of research.

*As deemed by UKfamilyrecords.com and its partners as "unresearchable", having explored all possible avenues of research first.

Contract of Sale

Our Contract of Sale with you is deemed to have commenced when we receive your order and payment. Regulation 13a and 13c of The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations applies from this point and 'UKFamilyrecords' do not offer the right to cancel once an order has been placed.

The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000

Exceptions to the right to cancel

13.-(1) Unless the parties have agreed otherwise, the consumer will not have the right to cancel the contract by giving notice of cancellation pursuant to regulation 10 in respect of contracts-

(a)for the supply of services if the supplier has complied with regulation 8(3) and performance of the contract has begun with the consumer's agreement before the end of the cancellation period applicable under regulation 12;.

(c)for the supply of goods made to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalised or which by reason of their nature cannot be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly;

1.2 "Time/Expenses" can be described as:


Time spent researching persons or person, subject or notion (i.e. researcher's wage); travel expenses to and from record offices, or to and from information offices, or to and from all places relevant to research; waiting time for documents if 45 minutes or more, i,e, Probate Office, British Library, British Library Colindale, National Archives, Register Offices etc.


General admin costs e.g. writing or telephoning on behalf of customer; acquiring copies of documents through photocopying or scanning; ordering microfilms relevant to research; ordering books or any other type of document relevant to research; hiring sub-contractors or agents in preference to travelling to far away geographic locations; sub-contractor or agents fees; analysing results; summing up results in a social and historical context; supplying photos and maps; writing and designing Report of Findings; print costs; postal costs.

2. Paying by Cheque

All items or research paid for by cheque are subject to five working days bank clearance plus our Standard Delivery times as published on the product page.

3. Your tree - controlling the Research

Customers can make applications for certain types of research to be undertaken, this must be completed by the end of the initial consultation period. When the consultation period has been completed all research methods, decisions and practices will be decided by us UKFamilyrecords and its partners. Under no circumstances will customers be allowed to:

a. Dictate research methods;

b. Replicate the same research at the same time as UKFamilyrecords and its partners.

If customers wish to guide their research using a professional to supply them with documents, then they require a Record Agent.

4. Duplicating Research

Under no circumstances can UKFamilyrecords be held responsible for duplicating work previously undertaken by the customer or by an agent working on the customer's behalf. It is the customer's responsibility to make sure that they inform UKFamilyrecords of all previous research conducted about a subject, person or family along with a detailed sources checklist and all the relevant references pertaining to previous research.

If no source checklist or relevant reference list of previous research is forthcoming, UKFamilyrecords maintains the right to duplicate any research already undertaken and as such will deduct any duplicate research from the customers credit.

5. Updates

All our updates remain FREE, you are not billed for them and they are not part of the service, but it has become increasingly difficult for us to provide them. During very busy times we may not be able to provide any updates at all.

Customers who continuously ask for updates during research are subject to a fee of £2.50 per update. Research duration times are supplied for most products, however long research projects such as Complete Family Trees, Family Tree Gift Voucher Packs etc. are subject to the reliance upon circumstances beyond the control of UKFamilyrecords and its partners.

Complete Family Trees and Family Tree Packages

Updates are FREE, they are provided as part of our online family tree viewing area. You will be sent an update every time new information has been added to your tree, but you will not receive updates whilst we are working on your book report until the family tree is ready for dispatch. We do not communicate with you via any other facility other than the online family tree and we will only contact you by e-mail if we need further information about your tree. We are sorry, but we are unable to answer any general e-mails you send us about your research or enquiries about time frames whilst we are working on your tree.

6. Duration/Delivery Times

6.1 Under no circumstances can research duration times be accurately predicted. UKFamilyrecords and its partners will seek to deliver research in a timely fashion, however they cannot guarantee the delivery of any research or product for a specified date.

6.2 Our Delivery Times are provided as guidelines only and are not definite. Many of the documents supplied are processed and ordered from government departments and we are entirely reliant upon them to deliver promptly.

6.3 If delays occur we will do our best to inform customers, however customers should allow up to 21 days after the published delivery times for delivery of their research or document. Customers should note that 'Normally sent or Usually sent within 8 weeks' does not mean 'Definitely sent or guaranteed sent within 8 weeks', but that 8 weeks is often the standard time.

6.4 UKFamilyrecords and its partners cannot be held responsible for not being able to supply research, famiily tree gifts and Complete Family Trees for special Gift Days such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas etc. or by dates specified by the customer. At the conclusion of research, it should be noted that a full genealogical report can take a month to compile and write. If this is too long, then you can pay your genealogist a full-time wage to complete it sooner for you.

6.5 Customers must not demand delivery of Complete Family Tree packages before the maximum stated Delivery Time of 12 months plus 21 days if the package has not been fully completed (including full report compilation and writing). Customers who demand early delivery will have their documents posted to them by First Class post without the full genealogical report and their contract with us will be terminated with immediate effect.

7. Results

Under no circumstances can UKFamilyrecords and its partners guarantee results or new information at the completion of research. To undertake research UKFamilyrecords and its partners may seek to consult original records that are:

a. Missing or Incomplete;

b. Worn, damaged or illegible;

c. Inaccessible, not in the public domain;

d. Free from reference to the individual or subject being researched;

Due to these circumstances UKFamilyrecords and its partners cannot be held responsible for no results and you are not entitled to a refund or exchange of your research/document for another, if research has already been undertaken on your behalf.

Our research fees are not 'result' driven, that is a customer pays for time/expense rather than final results. See Time/Expenses above.

8. Accuracy of Information

We provide no warranty whatsoever regarding the accuracy of public information, including government compiled indexes, government held records and the content of public documents. We hold no responsibility for failure to find information in government indexes, records and documents because of administrative mistakes or errors by the appropriate government departments.

9. Replacing missing documents and reports

UKFamilyrecordss and its partners will seek to replace documents and reports that have gone missing in the post and that have been insured by the customer upon payment of the appropriate fee as denoted in the Product Listing on the website UKFamilyrecords.

UKFamilyrecords and its partners cannot replace any documents and reports that have not been insured.

10. Correcting Mistakes

UKFamilyrecords and its partners will cover all costs and correct any mistakes it has made when creating a Report of findings bound or unbound, including any typing or transcription errors.

10.1 Errors made by the customer when supplying information regarding names, dates and facts or any other type of information, written or verbal is the responsibility of the customer and changes or amendments made to the Report of findings bound or unbound are subject to an Administration Fee of £45.00 if corrected by us, Family History Gifts and its partners.

11. Family Tree Application Forms

Once you have submitted your Family Tree application form (inc. those bought as Gift Voucher Packs), you cannot change it. You must make sure all is correct before you submit your Application and that all your personal choices for Gift Days and Report types are final.

You cannot ask for a tree to be delivered for a certain date (anniversary, birthday, christmas etc.) once your Application has been submitted, only before.

12. Providing estimates

Wherever possible we will provide estimates for research that does not have a fixed price, however accurate estimates for complete jobs are very difficult to give because of the nature of research. Genealogy is the same as any other historical research and genealogists like historians have to employ a large variety of techniques to consult original sources and interpret them; anticipation of exactly which resources may be required, how many and how long is like trying to predict a future event and unfortunately those skills are not part of a genealogists training! If only it were....

13. Capping limits

If you wish for us to extend your research as far as possible, you may wish to employ a capping limit to your research.

14. Payment Terms

If you have not paid in advance of your research, but have been granted a credit limit or have used a capping limit you will need to make sure that on receipt of an invoice you make a payment within 14 working days. If no payment is received within the Payment Period, non-payment proceedings will be initiated. (See Overdue Payments)

15. Overdue payments

If you fail to make a payment within 14 working days you will be charged at 8% interest of your total debt per day for three months; you will be provided with three reminders to enable you to make your payment, if after such time no payment is forthcoming Debt Collection and possibly legal proceedings will ensue.

16. Chargebacks

UKFamilyrecords takes the use of unfair and illegal chargebacks seriously and will aggressively pursue the matter. If you make a chargeback before you contact us about a query, or you issue a demand for a refund verbally or in writing without having first discussed your order and how we can rectify any problems, you should consider that your claim may not be looked upon favourably by either PayPal or your credit card issuer.

Before issuing any Chargeback or a claim for a refund you should at first read all of our Terms and Conditions and the Terms of Service as per our product descriptions as your claim for a refund maybe illegal and in breach of these T&Cs. Remember that if you purchased a service from us, by doing so you had to agree to these Terms & Conditions.

In the event of a default of this agreement, these terms and conditions of sale shall be governed by English law.